Therapeutic Services

 BTConcepts staff provides individual therapy, couples therapy, and family therapy services. We deliver therapeutic services to children and adolescents (4-17) and adults (18+).


Workshops & Training

Dr. Smith provides a plethora of trainings and workshops to meet your personal or business needs. Dr. Smith has provided over 50 in-person and online trainings during her tenure. These settings have included school conferences, professional conferences, church group sessions, academic sessions, and more.

  • Per 30-45 minute workshop $250
  • Per 60-90 minute workshop $375
  • +30 min increments (extra) $75

    If travel involved: Session rate + travel costs



Dr. Smith currently provides individual, clinical supervision to graduate level students, psychological associates, and licensed clinical professionals.

  • Per 60-min consult sessions $175

    If travel involved Session rate + travel costs

Psychological Testing

Our psychological staff provides diagnostic evaluations and psychoeduaitonal evaluations.