Workshops & Training

The BTConcepts Team can provide a variety of workshops and trainings that can fit your organization or your group needs. Below are some examples of topics that have been provided, however, customized topics can be developed to fit your group’s need. If you are interested in having a BTConcepts team member facilitate a training for your organization, please click the button below to get started.

Self-Esteem Building Topics:

  • “I am More than Enough” 

  • “The Princess in Me” Helps young girls to identify their worth and “royalty” trait

  • “You’re Stronger than you Think”

​Exploring the impact of past hurts and trauma in order to discover true feeling of self-worth and self-efficacy 


Social-Skill Building Topics:

  • “You Can’t Sit with Us” 

    Discussion of bullying and it’s impact on overall well-being

  • “Snap. Filter. Post” 

    Explore current value on social media and identifying safe social media habits 

  • “Chat & Chill”

    Provides a open and safe environment for teens to express thoughts and feelings about their social world

Parent-Child Relationship Topics:

  • ​”My Parents Just Don’t Understand”

    Provides a “safe” and comfortable environment for teens to express feelings regarding family structures​

  • “Dear Mom/Dad” /”Dear Daughter/Son”

    Improving communication patterns between child and parent 

  • ​”How Do I Manage My Child’s Bullying”

    Parents learn how to identify bullying warning signs in their children, and learn adaptive ways to alleviate negative effects

  • “Navigating this Social Media World”

    Parents learn how to identify social media concerns and create safe, yet practical, limitations for their children

  • “Sticks & Stones”

    Explores the impact of parental communication (i.e., positive and/or negative words) on children’s overall feelings of self-worth


Career/Employment Topics:

  • “Work, Work, Work”

    Explores the importance of self-care and introduces salient stress management techniques 

  • “Boss or Bully”

    Designed to support managerial level employees that navigate the social and professional demands of every-day work

  • “Professional vs. Personal: Is There a Difference?” 

    Discussion of workplace boundaries and its impact on overall occupational success​

  • “I’m Not Your Therapist!” 

    Exploring the importance of mental health sensitivity, and introduction of the G.I.V.E.R model used to provide support to those in need

Spiritual/Religious Topics:

  • “I’m a Christian, not a Crisis?!” 

    Discussion of real-life stressors that impact believers on a daily basis, and an exploration of how to manage such stressors from a “psychospiritual” approach

  • “Mental Health Needs & the Church”

    Exploring the importance of mental health sensitivity, and introduction of the G.I.V.E.R model used to provide support to those in need


Mental Health Education:

  • Early Detection and Identification of Mental Health Concerns 

  • How to Identify Mental Health Concerns without a “Trained Eye”

  • The G.I.V.E.R Model: Brief Intervention Strategies for Managing Mental Health Concerns